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Marketing Manager - CEDAR River Complex Osage, IA

Full Time: 35 hours per week; on call when needed

Reports to: CRC Director

Summary of Position: To communicate to the public, members & guests what activities, accomplishments, vision and messages they should be aware of in a professional, timely, and positive way that connects with the desired population. To design and create marketing materials to be distributed for CRC events.

Duties & Responsibilities but not limited to:

• Prepare annual marketing plan within budget constraints and according to CRC objectives
• Ensure the consistency of CRC brand throughout all efforts
• Work with Management Team to determine programs, classes and events offered each quarter which includes analyzing trends, results, pricing, demands, competition
• Collaborate with Team Members to complete marketing planners which provide direction on the promotion of their classes/programs
• Work with Team Members to analyze activity trends
• Take photography of all CRC organized events/activities for promotional purposes
• Design all print and electronic marketing/promotional materials
• Convert documents to electronic files for availability on the website
• Write all advertising copy including radio and tv
• Write and design monthly electronic newsletter
• Merge software mailing lists with Constant Contact
• Design electronic slides for digital signage in the lounge and upstairs
• Distribute marketing materials
• Design and submit monthly calendar

Marketing Manager cont.

• Seek out city and county support for marketing efforts by attending Osage City Council meeting annually to present need/use of Hotel/Motel tax funding.
• Achieve frequent, timely and positive media coverage across all available media.
• Design electronic press packets informing inviting media to special events
• Communicate effectively with public about promotions, specials, events and special procedures relating to events taking place at the CRC
• Build and maintain professional relationships in the communities the CRC services
• Remain professional and positive when working with volunteers, members and the public
• Review Google Analytics website stats
• Design internal signage
• Fiscally responsible to sign RFP (Request for purchase) when submitting bills
• Help prepare marketing budget
• Attend required weekly meetings
• Maintain CRC Website and keep up to date

• Must be pro-efficient with Corel Draw of another design program
• Experience with social media postings
• Maintain CRC Website and keep up to date
• Excellent communication skills, including, writing, listening and speaking.
• Possess problem solving and decision making abilities

Please send a letter and resume to:
Gayle Nelson, Director
809 Sawyer Drive
Osage, IA 50461

Posted 2.25.20



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