Meet our staff – Let me introduce you to Erica


My name is Erica; you may hear me say y’all and uffda in the same sentence.
I have been a proud member of the NIHCA staff since the fall of 2018. I am fairly new to the Minnesota area but I already love having four seasons.
My husband’s career in the Air Force gave us the opportunity to see some states we would have never experienced otherwise. We enjoyed the outdoors in Alaska, the BBQ in Texas and tried to love the beaches of Florida.
I wanted to be a part of NIHCA as soon as I learned what NIHCA does for members at fitness facilities and the opportunities NIHCA offers to facilities around the country. To know that NIHCA is a non-profit and truly working towards a healthier society is what drew me to become a working mom after 12 years as a homemaker. I am lucky enough to see many of you on social media as I navigate the ins and outs of posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook.

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I love NIHCA because…..

What is your favorite part of NIHCA? Is it the staff? Do your members enjoy their reimbursement program? Do you love attending the conference every year? Do you like the website?

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Halloween Workout

Why is it that when we think about Halloween and working out the first thing that jumps to my mind is 80’s workout gear?  Halloween isn’t just for kids.  We all can enjoy a little youthful fun.

Whether you are working out to those 80’s jams or working off that parent-tax from your child’s candy bucket…check out this article we found at


The HIIT Workout Based on Your Favorite Halloween Candy

By: BojanaGalic ~ October 25, 2019

This Halloween, put your sugar rush to good use and build a candy-themed HIIT workout based on your favorite treats. Pick four to six of your favorite candies and run through their respective exercise (listed below) for 10 reps. Do three or four rounds total, resting 30 to 60 seconds in between.

Take breaks as needed and keep some water handy. And don’t forget to warm up first for three to five minutes of light cardio and dynamic stretches, then cool down with static stretches.

Twix: Side Plank Dip

  1. Begin in a side plank position with your forearm on the ground supporting your body. Stack your feet and legs.
  2. With your free arm on your hip, dip your hips to the ground, hovering just about the floor or tapping it lightly, depending on your mobility.
  3. Press through your side-body (obliques) back to the side plank.
  4. That’s one rep. Do 10 on each side.

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NIHCA ~ Free Webinar Series

“Secrets for Maximum Employee Productivity and Engagement”
Presented by: Greg Lappin

Staff is the largest expense and a big contributing factor to the success or demise of a facility. Learn a thorough system for employee orientation; initial training; ongoing training. Learn why most employees are not productive or engaged and how to remedy that. Customer loyalty is a logical extension of training. Learn the only thing that matters is to create member loyalty. Learn what that is and a system to implement it. Learn that the first step in a great training program is not training!

Thursday, October 24th ~ 10:00-11:00am CST

You don’t want to miss the second of three webinar’s.