South Country Health Alliance



As of 11/1/13, South Country Health Alliance added an additional program called “Be Active” for dual-eligible Medicare members only.  Members who qualify for “Be Active” will receive up to $20 a month for working out with no minimum days of participation required.  An updated enrollment form is available.   SCHA will do the leg-work to determine which program a member is eligible for, and the process for clubs will not change.  SCHA is asking that members continue to record club attendance regardless of which program they fall under [Be Fit/Be Active].
     Examples of new “Be Active” cards
The “Be Fit” program will stay the same requiring 8 visits per month for an up to $20 reimbursment. 


South Country Health Alliance (SCHA) is excited to reward its members for taking the initiative to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Through the Be Fit & Be Active programs, SCHA members can receive reimbursements for exercising at their local health facilities.


Eligible Participants

  • Current SCHA members ages 18 years and older.
  • Be Fit ~ Eligible members will receive up to a $20 reimbursement for working out 8 times per month.
  • NEW ~ Be Active ~ Eligible members will receive up to a $20 reimbursement without having a minimum requirement to meet.

How it Works

  • Eligible members must present their SCHA identification card to the health club, where they will complete the Be Fit/Be Active enrollment form.
  • Health clubs will track member attendance at the club, and eligible members will receive up to $20 reimbursement for exercising at least 8* days during the month.  *The Be Active program does not need to a meet a minimum requirement to receive the up to $20 credit.
  • If the member is not enrolled with SCHA during the month they exercise, he/she is not eligible for the $20 Be Fit/Be Active reward during that particular month.