Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota


Starting in 2019, BCBSND will be partnering with WebMD Health Services to offer a new and improved online wellness portal experience as the platform for the HealthyBlue program. As a result of this new partnership, the administration of the Health Club Credit program will also see some new changes:


1. BCBSND will no longer be offering a $20 reimbursement program each month – instead, eligible BCBSND members will receive points (not reimbursements) for working out 12 times a month at your facility.


2.  Starting January 1st, 2019, BCBSND Health Club Credit program will be a 9-month program only. January-September workouts will be captured and rewarded as points only, not reimbursements. In October, November and December of 2019 workouts will no longer need to be submitted going forward.

3.  In order for BCBSND to provide timely reporting of incentives earned to employer groups for tax withholding,  November & December workouts will be delayed and rewarded in January 2019 as points, not as $20 reimbursements.
4. Yes, BCBSND will require each eligible member to complete a 2019 Authorization online.
Lastly, if you have any BCBSND members that didn’t get submitted or reimbursed for any January-October 2018 workouts, the deadline has expired to do any resubmitting for these folks. October 2018 was the last and final month to capture any past workout months for your BCBSND members. 

Who is eligible?

  • Active members of fully insured group plans and most individual purchasers of BCBSND plans are eligible to participate. Members of a self-insured group plan that’s administered by BCBSND may also be eligible if their employer offers the program.
  • A maximum of two qualifying adult BCBSND members (Subscriber and Spouse) may participate and will receive points towards their gym workouts. 

Eligible BCBSND Insurance cards: