Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota

Members are rewarded for their healthy habits. If it’s offered with their health plan, the BluePrint for Health® fitness discounts program credits members fitness center account up to $20 per month for membership fees. All they have to do is work out at a participating fitness center the required number of times each month, depending on their plan.

Attention Facilities – Starting 1/1/19:

The $20 BCBSMN Blueprint for Health Fitness Discount program is not going away in 2019.  however some employer groups will be moving to a new Fitness Incentive Step-based program, but not all the groups. Groups that move over to the step-based program will not be eligible for the $20 Fitness Discount Program.  If you or your members have specific questions about the Step-based program, they may contact customer service at BCBSMN.

Who is eligible?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota members can visit myBlueCross in the member self-service center at to find out if they are eligible. Members can click on the “Plan Details” tab and select “Health Programs and Discounts” and finally, select “find a fitness center.” Members must be at least 18 years old to participate in the fitness discounts program.

  • 12* workouts per month qualify for an up to $20 reimbursement per month directly deposited back into the members bank account of their choice – checking or savings only.  *Some BCBSMN plans may only need to workout 8 times per month to receive the $20 reimbursement. 
  • A maximum of two qualifying adult Blue Cross members per household may participate and receive the up to $20 credit.

How it works

  • If members are eligible,and have never enrolled before,  they may enroll at the participating fitness center or enroll online at
  • Every time they work out, their visits are tracked at the facility level. Once the member worked out the required number of times in a month, they will receive up to $20 credit into their bank account. (Up to $40 per household for adults covered under each plan.)
  • If members cancel their fitness center membership, the fitness center discontinues participation in the program or they cancel Blue Cross medical coverage, they will forfeit any un-applied credits.