Incentive Programs

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Avera Health

Avera will be rolling out a brand new fitness reimbursement program on 1/1/19 to their Avera employees and spouses only.  The requirement will be 10 workouts each month will equal an up to $20 reimbursement p/month.


BIND is a new insurance partner that will be rolling out a similar fitness reimbursement program starting 1/1/19.  Eligible BIND members will be required to workout 12 times per month to receive a $20 p/mo reimbursement.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota

Members are rewarded for their healthy habits. If it’s offered with their health plan, the BluePrint for Health® fitness discounts program credits members fitness center account up to $20 per month for membership fees. All they have to do is work out at a participating fitness center the required number of times each month, depending on their plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

The U.S. Surgeon General reports at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week can produce long-term health benefits.

Fargo Public Schools

Not only are your healthcare costs reduces but complete at least 12 workouts per month and you will be credited up to $20 per month towards your health club dues – courtesy of your employer!


These are HealthPartners general Frequent Fitness program requirements.  Program requirements may vary by employer plans.  Up to 2 people per household and must be 18 years or older 12 visits monthly = up to $20 reimbursement.


You can earn up to a $20 credit each month toward your health club dues when you meet your monthly visit requirement at a participating gym. Facility participation pending upon approval by Medica.

Northern Plains Insurance Pool (NPIP)

NPIP is Northern Plains Insurance Pool – an administrator that manages 58 school districts in South Dakota.
Starting 9/1/18, current NPIP employees that are covered by the district’s health insurance plan are eligible for an up to $20 reimbursement for only working out 8 (eight) times per month at your facility!

PreferredOne Fitness Advantage

Work out the programs minimum number of days per calendar month in order to receive a credit toward membership dues. Up to 2 people per household and must be 18 years or older 12 visits per calendar month = up to $20 reimbursement.

Regency Managed Properties

The Health for Wealth Rewards Program offers our associates a discount on their gym membership fees. Starting January 2009, eligible associates can work out a minimum of 6 times per month and receive up to a $20 credit on their gym membership account.

Sanford Health Plan

Effective July 1, 2015, NDPERS members will now be covered under the Sanford Health Plan, not Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND). Sanford Health Plan will ask each NDPERS member to provide their participating fitness center with a copy of the new insurance card as well as completing a Sanford Health Plan Enrollment form. Effective 12/1/15, other eligible groups will come on board with the fitness reimbursement programs as well.  All eligible members will receive up to $20 per month for completing at least 12 workouts per month at your facility.  (If unsure if you are eligible or not, call Sanford Health Plan – or the back of your insurance card.)

Sioux Falls School District

The Sioux Falls School District, in response to strong employee interest, is supporting active lifestyles through the SFSD FitClub (FitClub).

South Country Health Alliance

South Country Health Alliance (SCHA) is excited to reward its members for taking the initiative to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Through the Be Fit/Be Active program, SCHA members can receive up to $20 off their monthly health club membership fees.  South Country members enrolled in some products may be required to exercise at least eight days per month in order to receive this benefit.

UCare Health Club Savings Program

UCare Seniors & UCare Choices can get fit and save up to $20 per month!