I would like to let you all know how GREAT of a job that you are doing!

I have been through many transitions and this has been the best. The new staff members do not guess at a question, but they say they will check into the answer and get back to me – NIHCA is GREAT to work with!

-Randy Witthus, General Manager

Fitness Crossroad St. Anthony

                                                                                            * * *

What Our Partners Are Saying:


“In the fall of 2010 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming began the implementation of two wellness programs, a wellness portal and the Health Club Credit Program.  Implementation of new programs can be a daunting task but was a great pleasure to work with Holly Johnson-Labat and her staff at NIHCA on the implementation of our Health Club Credit Program.

NIHCA’s well thought out approach, support and service made it possible for us to establish this program in our expansive, rural state.  NIHCA staff worked with us patiently and tirelessly through the contracting, club recruitment and member communication phases of this project launch and continue to be available to provide support to our plan.

Our relationship has been top notch, and NIHCA has been a great business partner who has kept all their promises and gone above and beyond to help us guarantee the success of our program.”

-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming


“Please know that SCHA is very satisfied with NIHCA. We greatly appreciate how EASY you make things for us – the process is so streamlined, the work on our end is minimal, and our members reap many more benefits than just their $20/month by participating. And, NIHCA’s customer service is unmatched! I never hesitate to call or email your team for help troubleshooting. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.”

-Anne Grimmius, MPH – Health Promotions Coordinator – South Country Health Alliance

“It was a pleasure to work with NIHCA during the 2012 Fall Fitness Conference. The staff, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors were all warm and receptive, and extremely professional. The staff was supportive and organized and the venue was fantastic. The attendees were appreciative of the tour, the key note, the breakout sessions and the delicious lunch. This high-quality event is a credit to our fitness industry.”

-Sara Kooperman, JD/CEO – Les Mills/SCW Fitness

What Our Clubs Are Saying:


Dear Holly and NIHCA Team; I attended the webinar with Mr. Michael Scott Scudder, and I enjoyed the time I got to spend listening to him. I learned a lot about the market; and I was able to talk to him individually and communicate with him after the webinar was over and he was extremely helpful. Thank you again, for allowing me to attend and for having him as a guest speaker. Sincerely,

Eric Rapp, Sales Associate, Avera McKennan Fitness center ~ Sioux Falls, SD

“Joining NIHCA is one of the best business moves I’ve made:-)”

– Julie Meister, PMI Total Fitness Owner

“Just wanted to thank you for the valuable information on the NIHCA Ways to Promote Webinar.  You did a great job!  I am definitely one of those who need to revisit and re-promote these incentive programs to the local employers.   Once again, Thank you so much!  Joining NIHCA is one of the best business moves I’ve made:-)”

– Julie Meister, PMI Total Fitness Owner ~ Waterville, MN 

“The two NIHCA conferences I have attended have been a wealth of information! They have great speakers always – both the keynote & breakout sessions! We went home with loads of ideas that we can implement immediately and great goals to work towards also! What a motivating and inspirational day & I’m thankful for the connections and new friends that were made!  Thanks again for the fabulous day-so happy to have been part of it!!”

– Heather Godfrey, Vital Fit Club ~ Alexandria, MN 

“Thank you for all you do for our YMCA.  It was great to learn more about NIHCA, and the network of people and fitness centers we are a part of.  I am looking forward to attending more NIHCA events!”

– Jackie Bucholz, Alexandria Area YMCA ~ MN


“NIHCA rocks as an informative opportunity for clubs to learn and grow in the health industry!”

– Colleen Braun, Anytime Fitness ~ Springfield, MN


“I enjoyed getting out of the office and participating in the conference.  I learned new ideas to bring back to the club.”

– Cheri Lemmer, LeSueur Community Center ~ MN