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Fitness Centers have an opportunity to do business with some of the largest insurance providers and employer groups in the industry!

The National Independent Health Club Association works with insurance providers, employer groups and incentive programs that offer a fitness and wellness benefit.  We are the clearinghouse that allows individual fitness centers the opportunity to take advantage of these great fitness incentive programs.

Workout at a NIHCA participating fitness facility and recieve an incentive back!


For insurance providers and employer groups, NIHCA will help manage your fitness incentive programs at the facility level, maintaining the goals and perimeters of each individual program. Participating fitness centers will gain access to an entirely new market – our incentive programs help facilities attract new members and retain their current ones – all without having to offer discounts that hurt your bottom line!  Besides being able to offer these great incentive and reimbursement programs, NIHCA members can take advantage of other value-added benefits, such as free webinars and a preferred vendor list.

The National Independent Health Club Association, a non-profit organization, has been created to represent independent fitness centers across the nation, work with insurance providers and employer groups on existing or new health management programs. 



Effective July 1, 2015, NDPERS members will now be covered under Sanford Health Plan, not Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND).  NDPERS members participating in the fitness incentive programs will continue to be eligible to receive up to $20/month for 12 workouts per month at any NIHCA participating health center.  Download the Sanford Health Plan Enrollment Form here!

NDPERS member? Click here to complete the annual assessment!


Going GReenIn an effort to be more paperless and capitalize on some efficiencies, NIHCA is going to jump on the Going Green bandwagon.  Effective January 1, 2015, NIHCA will begin “going green” by emailing all Invoices and Statements for your facility’s annual NIHCA dues. Please email to let us know who would be the appropriate person to receive this email and the best email for that individual.



Meet Our Newest Preferred Vendors:


logo2015Our Telemedicine Service provides UNLIMITED 24/7/365 US based doctors access from home, work or even the gym! (WITH NO CONSULT FEES) It’s like having a doctor in the family! It can help eliminate unnecessary time consulting and costly ER and Urgent Care Clinic visits for non-life threatening conditions such as: Cold & flu symptoms • Allergies • Bronchitis • Urinary tract infection • Respiratory infection • Sinus problems and many more! It can also be used to combat the SKY HIGH deductibles families are now experiencing from the Affordable Care Act! CHECK OUT THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO

Bill Granzig   727-455-4351

CLICK HERE to view an informative webinar by MD Consult 247!




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Take your gym to the next level both nutritionally and financially.  Provide your clients and members the added benefit of a diet, cleansing and supplement support system. Isagenix is the leader in nutritional cleansing & provides the highest quality ingredients in each of their products. We have a solution, whether they are looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, improve endurance or get on track towards and begin healthy lifestyle. Science backs our products, and statistics back our success. The results we have seen since implementing this program into our facility has been outstanding! Provide your clients with the additional support they need to reach their goals, and increase the revenue at your facility.  Visit our website and contact us to learn more about the products that have changed our lives and our members lives!

Heather Godfrey  651-587-8996


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