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Fitness Centers have an opportunity to do business with some of the largest insurance providers and employer groups in the industry!

The National Independent Health Club Association works with insurance providers, employer groups and incentive programs that offer a fitness and wellness benefit.  We are the clearinghouse that allows individual fitness centers the opportunity to take advantage of these great fitness incentive programs.


For insurance providers and employer groups, NIHCA will help manage your fitness incentive programs at the facility level, maintaining the goals and perimeters of each individual program. Participating fitness centers will gain access to an entirely new market – our incentive programs help facilities attract new members and retain their current ones – all without having to offer discounts that hurt your bottom line!  Besides being able to offer these great incentive and reimbursement programs, NIHCA members can take advantage of other value-added benefits, such as free webinars and a preferred vendor list.

The National Independent Health Club Association, a non-profit organization, has been created to represent independent fitness centers across the nation, work with insurance providers and employer groups on existing or new health management programs. 




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2014 Health Insurance Changes


As of 1/1/14, BCBSND is adding an additional program called BCBSND Metallic group. Read more.

As of 11/1/13, South Country Health Alliance added an additional program called “Be Active”. Read more.

As of 1/1/14, UCare is adding an additional program called UCare Choices. Read more.




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